About Sylvie

Sylvie is founder of SMALL, mother of a twin and market research specialist with wide experience in research methodologies. She is devoted to new product development, using co creation and consumer connection programs.

Sylvie is a curious, enthusiastic and creative researcher, who is at the same time detail-oriented. Sylvie holds a Master in Psychology and mass communication with majors in advertising science and economical psychology. Dedicated youth en kids agencies she worked for are Keesie (communication) and Newrulez (Sanoma Digital).

She has around 20 years’ experience in market research agencies. Focus on developing innovations (communication concepts, product concepts and marketing mixes) for consumer business, always in cooperation with the target groups and stakeholders. She manages consumer research and knows what to do with consumer learnings. Sylvie represents the voice of the consumers in innovation projects with professionals in the role of consumer expert.


Danoontje Consumer Understanding Lab

In 2008 I was asked to join the new product development (NPD) program as a consumer researcher and moderator. The objective of Danone Netherlands was to review the kids product Danoontje and explore potentials and trends for new product development and brand activation. My input started with refreshing the knowledge of the full team on the stages of kids development and how mothers respond to that, we followed this theoretical stage by dedicated NPD brainstorms and finished months later with checking the generated concepts with real mothers in focus groups.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer B.V Research Community with girls on their period

In 2006 I was asked to find insights for the market leader in sanitary products . We deep diced into the emotion of the girls referring their period and discussed openly all issues that came into their minds. The fieldwork was done in their natural environment at home, at school, in the dancing school after classes and so on. After the real life meetings we set up an online community to talk more privately and to test communication concepts. In 2006 this was quite a revolutionary approach and I shared experiences at the MOA congress together with the technical partner KPN (Clubs, that provided the user platform for the community)

Postbank Youth, an innovative and fun research day on perceptions and needs in banking

In 2006 we won a pitch for the leading bank Postbank (now ING). We set up a "Battle" to discover the perception and wishes of a bank for teenagers. The set up was exciting and stimulating. Together with the client in the role of a real Jury with prizes, 5 groups of 5 teenagers and 5 visualizers we set up a competition for one full day in the NEMO science museum. The client was very satisfied with this research design; the output was beyond expectations and easy but huge changes in the specific communication approach to teenagers were made.

Fast food: need states, communication, taste- and brand identities.

In 2011 I was asked by an international market research agency Siladen (Paris) to study several types of north Belgian fast food users. Issues were need states for Out of Home food, communication, taste identities, brand identities. We used in depths, ethnography and focus groups amongst more than 30 youngsters. Siladen integrated my insights of the Flemish market in a master plan.

Infant milk formula, baby food and toddler food for Nutricia Nederland (now Danone)

From 2000 to 2008 I was the key supplier for tactical studies at Nutricia in Zoetermeer. We organized small and smart researches on all kind of subjects: varying from very explorative to testing communication for the brands Olvarit, Bambix and Nutrilon. I worked on drinks, in betweens, meals, fruit, cereals, water, desserts and technology. Also in 2007 I was part of the new product development team. In 2008 I organized consumer connection trainings, varying from observing consumers at home and during shopping to working with observations and build insight platforms.












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