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SMALL thinks it's important to keep in touch with academies. SMALL stays in touch by teaching and coaching students in the field of Marketing and Communication.

Hogeschool van Rotterdam

Sylvie Verbiest coached third year students and was teacher Branding at Hogeschool van Rotterdam. Recently, she developed an elective Brainstorming and Creative Thinking for the domaing Business Economics. In this course, students become acquainted with brainstorming techniques in 8 weeks, on the basis of theoretical and practical knowdledge. They learn how a brainstorming session is structured, what the conditions are, how creativity can be improved and how, based on the results, strategic advice can be given. More information about Business Economics at Hogeschool van Rotterdam can be found here.

"It's really nice to see where students from all disciplines of the university enroll. For me, working with future architects, app builders, marketers and educators is really inspiring!"

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Hogeschool van Amsterdam

Catelijne Rutten gave an educative interview at Hogeschool van Amsterdam during a lecture Market Reserach, in which she explained students what the profession entails in practice. In addition, she gives flash lectures about this topic. More information about Communication at Hogeschool van Amsterdam can be found here.

"When students think about market research, they soon think of surveys. But after a guest lecture from someone in practice, they know it actually comes to understand what customers want and how you get to know this; that touches them."

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Universiteit van Amsterdam

Denise Horsthuis has given guest lectures at the University of Amsterdam, master Youth and Media, in which she told students about the possibilities after graduating. She also showed students what they can do during their studies, to build up their network in the working field and increase their chances in fing a job after graduating. More information about Youth and Media at the University of Amsterdam can be found here.

"To make money students for example work in the hospitality industry or in super markets. Often, they are surprised when they hear there are also possibilities to do (voluntary) work related to their studies, which makes it easier to find a job after graduating".

Universiteit van Amsterdam

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